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you've gotta find your

big gigantic drum kit;

waitin' round the bend
25 March 1990
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i don't know any more

i've been to catholic schools my whole life, but i'm not catholic. i'm the daughter of two accountants, but i have no concept of money. i am decidedly agnostic. i'm one of those damn liberals. i've read the us declaration of independence more times than is normal. i'm obsessed with new york, but i love london. i love solving mathematical proof, but i'm terrible at remembering numbers. i love analysing poetry (sometimes). i hate to lose anything. i'm sarcastic. i'm nerdy. i love eye liner. i collect dvds and i buy too much make-up. i like to be warm. hugging is nice. i love f. scott fitzgerald unspeakable amounts. you can rarely go wrong with virginia woolf's 'monday or tuesday'. i feel like i should read more in general. i'm a hopeless romantic.

"...later i realized that behind much of the entertainment that the city poured forth into the nation there were only a lot of rather lost and lonely people." -- f. scott fitzgerald, my lost city

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